This is the current project I am working on, really happy with the progress so far but a lot of changes still to be made and added to the scene. Based on a concept by Law Chang. I picked this artwork as I loved the look of it and it gave me the chance to practice vehicles, hard surface modelling and foliage. Created using a low to high poly workflow within Maya. 
This is the first vehicle I have created and I have learned a great deal in the process. So far I have created the Mazda vehicle and have blocked out the base textures. This gives me a good idea of how it is going to turn out before I add the finer details including another pass to add some wear & tear to make it feel used and weathered.
The next stages of the project are to finish creating the vending machine and create the final foliage (to replace the placeholder grass) for the scene before revisiting the mazda textures and adding some more of the finer details. 
Modelled & unwrapped in Maya, textured in Substance Painter & rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4.

Concept by Law Chang

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