Antique Clock Model

I created this clock model following a low to high poly workflow. I created it based on some photo references. In this project I went for a semi realistic approach over my usual stylized look for a change of pace and a chance to try out some new techniques.
One of the challenges I had with this model was creating the trim/crowning of the clock. This gave me the opportunity to try out some new workflows using splines & lofting. The approach I used involved lofting between two curves for the straight/corner trim and rotating the profile curves around a center point to create the arch to loft from. To create the final trim, I converted to polygons, combined via Boolean and cleaned up using the weld tool.
I learnt a lot of new techniques to apply to future projects by experimenting with lofting/extruding splines as it allowed me to quickly make adjustments to the trim without having remake it entirely.
Polycount: 2967
Texture size: 1024x1024