Stylized Mazda K360

Recently finished this Mazda project based on the amazing concept art by Law Chang. Really happy with the end result, I picked this project as it gave me the perfect opportunity to practice vehicles, hard surface modelling and foliage all in one piece. As a result I learnt a ton of new skills and programs to apply to future projects. This project gave me the chance to delve more into different types of shaders within unreal engine and experiment with a different configurations for foliage, glass and master materials. I used a high to low poly workflow and optimized all models to be game ready within the scene. The Mazda came to about 14k vertices in the end; while I didn't need to create the frame for the underside/around the back of the vehicle as they aren't seen (other than on SketchFab) I figured since this was for a personal piece it'd be good practice to make the entirety of the vehicle.

Check out more of Law Chang's work here: